Effective access control is in many cases impossible without the use of electromechanical turnstiles. Tripod turnstiles and complementary swing gates (used alongside the main controlled passage track) satisfy the need.
In many cases just the signalizing gates, with no mechanical barriers, are sufficient. However, they are only as effective as is the confidence in security services and surveillance system in place.
The traditional solution is to use the tripod turnstile, optionally supplemented with barriers, in order to create separated zones which differentiate access rights in a specific way.
At the same time such a solution significantly limits the possibility of human factor gaps in the access control systems.

Swing gate enables passage for people with disabilities, the transportation of large objects and emergency evacuation. It is advisable for the manufacturer to include the possibility of an automatic tilting of the gate’s wing for an exit. The access control and fire protection system can then be configured so as to secure a constant opening in the event of an alarm. For this reason, and also for the greater convenience of the pedestrians, our swing gate is fitted with an automatic wing’s drive mechanism.

In the case of tripod turnstiles the use of arm’s drive mechanism significantly increases the throughput of the passage, which is especially visible in the places where the large proportion of pedestrians are guests rather than employees who already treat entering as a routine. And greater throughput means time savings during periods of very high traffic as well as the possibility to use fewer access control devices.