Emergency evacuation swing gate LB 311 is designed for controlling access of people (also people in wheelchairs) and transport of goods outside the main system of customer service in leisure and sports centers. In large factories it can be used for the control of passage of people outside the system of work time registration. The gate`s entrance is wide enough to be utilized as one of the ways of evacuation. The gate is fitted with bi-directional electromechanical drive-block mechanism. It is a simplified version of automatic swing gate LB 211.

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Cabinet size: diameter x height129 x 1000 mm
Power supply: input/output230V AC/24V DC
Power consumptionmax. 35VA, stand-by 24VA
Power reserve in the power supply 20VA
Recommended entrance width940 mm
Standard arm length900 mm
Number of inputs for turnstile steering devices 2
Standard opening impulsenormally open contacts or opto-isolator 4mA/0.5Vmax
Operating temperature range / Humidityfrom -30°C to + 40°C / max. 90%, without condensation
Average number of passages till mechanical failure400 thousand
  • All inner steel elements are galvanized, both the cabinet and the wing is made of acid-resistant polished stainless steel.
  • Two-way mechanism enables the use of one gate both for entering and leaving with a possibility to block backward movement (in prohibited direction).
  • In case of power failure or fire alarm arms may be turned freely in both directions without a necessity of additional declutching.
  • Special damping elements increase the mechanism’s durability and guarantee that a gate functions very quietly.
  • The power from drive mechanism is transmitted to the wing by means of an adjustable clutch which protects the device from damage and the pedestrians from possible injuries.
  • The gate’s controllers operate in the following mode: impulse – opening, no impulse – blocking which allows for the gate’s cooperation with various systems of access control, photo-barriers and manual operation.
  • Gate is fitted with an emergency stop that allows even the locked wing to rotate at a torque of over 550 Nm.
  • No external flange and anchor bolts concealed inside the cabinet allow the use of the entire width of the gate and protect the pedestrians from tripping.
  • Suitable for outdoor use in the areas with no exposure to precipitation.


The blocking system is released by the opening impulse set by the steering mechanism and the wing is tilted 90° to the right. The wing is tilted as long as the external impulse lasts. When the impulse is interrupted, the wing returns to its prior blocking position and the passage is blocked. If the next impulse is given while the gate is closing, the wing changes its direction and opens again.



  • Bolts lubrication: once a year or every one hundred thousand passages.