A set of accessories to construct a portable access control device suitable for service during the conferences, shows or events with heightened safety requirements.

The set is quick to dismantle and easy to transport.
It consists of a base welded together from hot-dip galvanized steel profiles, a straight stainless steel handrail and any turnstile of our production (on the tubular pillars).

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Base dimensions: length x width x height960 x 917 x 23 mm
Weight: turnstile/ base/ railing46 / 13 / 5 kg
Practical throughput/ Maximum throughput1000 persons per hour / 35 persons per minute
Operating temperature range / Humidity from -30°C to+ 40°C / any, also in areas with frequent rainfall or snowfall
  • The base fits with the following turnstile models: LK-413 , LK-414 or LK-613.
  • Outdoor and indoor use, also in areas with frequent snowfall and rainfall.
  • Supporting pillars designed to accommodate control readers.
  • Four counduit openings in the side walls of the turnstile base.
  • Hot-dip galvanized base covered with 3 mm thick non-slip aluminium plate.
  • A solid stainless steel railing, available also with a guiding steel plate (the “ski” version).
  • Low base profile and slanted ramps prevent tripping.
  • The possibility to install counters inside the turnstile housing or direct signals to the external controller.
  • Structure resistant to overloads and attempts of forcible entry.
  • External 12VDC acoustic signal warning against any unauthorised passage.
  • Access to the inside of the turnstile is protected by locks.